What Are Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions can be real hair or synthetic hairs which are attached to individual natural eyelashes using medical grade hypoallergenic glue creating darker, longer, thicker, fuller eyelashes!! Eyelash extensions can make a dramatic difference in appearance for ladies with blonde or red eyelashes as well as ladies with short lashes or lashes hidden by a heavy hooded eyelid!

Eyelash extensions eliminate the use of mascara and eyelash curler from your daily beauty routine. You have fabulous lashes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
Your eyelashes will even look amazing while you are enjoying an active lifestyle (swim, workout, surf, hula, enjoy with your kids/grandkids)! Many ladies find they don't have to wear any makeup because their eyelashes make them look so amazing!

Getting eyelash extensions applied is a relaxing experience. You lay on a massage table with your eyes closed for the entire time. Eye pads are applied to the bottom lash line to protect from glue and tweezer points. Two types of fine pointed tweezers are used to isolate a natural lash and apply the extension. Before the application of extensions the natural lashes are cleansed to remove oil/makeup residue and provide the best possible surface for the extension to bond to.

I offer several styles of Eyelash Extensions:  Classic, Flat Lash, 6D and Volume (also known as Russian Volume). With all styles, how full your lashes look will depend on how many natural lashes you have and the style you choose. People average about 100 lashes per eye but some have fewer and some have quite a bit more. With all styles different eyelash lengths and thicknesses are used to create custom eyelash designs for each person. A natural arch or a dramatic cat-eye effect can also be incorporated into all styles. For Classic and Volume styles, fashion color lashes can also be mixed with black lashes to complement fashion colored hair or just to add a unique style! I work with each client to find out the look they wish to achieve.


With the Classic style one synthetic eyelash is bonded to one of your natural lashes. This is a very natural look like you are wearing amazing mascara, only better! Classic adds length and curl.
Classic lashes DO NOT add volume. If you also want your lashes to look fuller then you want the Flat Lash style.
Classic lashes are available in black or espresso.
Classic Full Set $85, 2 week Fill $55


Flat Lashes are the newest and most popular of eyelash extensions! These are a single lash bonded to one natural lash like Classic but it is flattened creating a wider width without adding weight. The lashes are light, soft and flexible. Their flatness reflects the light differently giving a darker lash appearance. Flat Lash Eyelash Extensions add length, curl, and volume for a very beautiful fuller looking natural look!
Flat Lash Full Set $85, 2 week Fill $55

Volume eyelash extensions, also know as Russian Volume, are much thinner and lighter than the Classic extensions allowing multiple lashes to be formed into a fan at the time of application and applied to 1 natural lash without over stressing the natural lash. Handmade fans of 2-6 extension lashes are created then bonded to the natural lash. This creates a much fuller natural glamorous look and is what you typically see on celebrities and in magazines. Volume adds length, curl and volume.
Russian Volume Full Set $115, 3 week Fill $80




6D eyelash extensions create the fullest appearance  of them all with a thick uniform strip lash look. Pre-made fans of 6 extension lashes are bonded to the natural lash and create a very glamorous dramatic look. 6D adds length, curl and six times the volume!
6D Full Set $95, 2 week Fill $60


Colored lashes tend to look like regular lashes in dim light  but under bright light or outdoors in the sunlight the lashes glow with beautiful color. Colored Eyelash Extensions can be mixed in with any style as color accents along with black lashes. Purple and blue lashes are great to use instead of black lashes and can be combined with lighter colors like pink, green and teal to add definition create breathtaking lashes! I have photos in the photo gallery of examples.
* Full Set Color Russian Volume Lashes $115
* Mixed Full Set Flat Lashes or Classic with Russian Volume Color $105
* Mixed Full Set 6D with Russian Volume Color $115

* Add Russian Volume color lash accents to any fill for an additional $15.

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and will fall out as your eyelashes go through their natural shedding cycle. Once you have a full set applied you can wear them indefinitely by getting fills every 2-3 weeks for Classic & Flat Lash and 3-4 weeks for 6D & Volume to fill in the lashes which have shed. Your after care and your biology has a dramatic impact on the longevity! Eyelash extensions DO NOT harm your natural lashes providing you follow the after care instructions you are provided and you do not pull them out on your own. Once you have eyelash extensions if you do not want them any longer you need to have them professionally removed to ensure it is done safely and will not harm your natural lashes.

Click here to find out more about how to safely remove Eyelash Extensions!

For more examples of my work visit the photo gallery!