Eyelash Extension Prices

All lashes are high quality synthetic mink eyelashes.
Synthetic mink eyelashes hold the curl much better than silk
or natural fur, and are hypoallergenic.
All prices are subject to HI GE Tax.

Eyelash Extensions Styles
*Longer with a curl but natural looking (Classic)
*Longer and thicker with a curl but natural looking (Flat Lash)
*Longer with a curl and fuller but natural looking (Russian Volume)
 *A full strip lash look with longer lashes and a curl (6D)
Fashion color lashes in purple, blue, pink, teal, and green are available to add color accents to any style or can be used to create full sets in Classic or Russian Volume!
I work with each client to find out the look they wish to achieve.

I offer several styles of Eyelash Extensions:  Classic, Flat Lash, 6D and Volume (also known as Russian Volume). With all styles, how full your lashes look will depend on how many natural lashes you have and the style you choose. People average about 100 lashes per eye but some have fewer and some have quite a bit more. With all styles different eyelash lengths and thicknesses are used to create custom eyelash designs for each person. A natural arch or a dramatic cat-eye effect can also be incorporated into all styles.


With the Classic style one synthetic eyelash is bonded to one of your natural lashes. This is a very natural look like you are wearing amazing mascara, only better! Classic adds length and curl.
Classic lashes DO NOT add volume. If you also want your lashes to look fuller then you want the Flat Lash style.
Classic lashes are available in black or espresso.
Classic Full Set $85, 2 week Fill $55


Flat Lashes are the newest and most popular of eyelash extensions! These are a single lash bonded to one natural lash like Classic but it is flattened creating a wider width without adding weight. The lashes are light, soft and flexible. Their flatness reflects the light differently giving a darker lash appearance. Flat Lash Eyelash Extensions add length, curl, and volume for a very beautiful fuller looking natural look!
Flat Lash Full Set $85, 2 week Fill $55

Volume eyelash extensions, also know as Russian Volume, are much thinner and lighter than the Classic extensions allowing multiple lashes to be formed into a fan at the time of application and applied to 1 natural lash without over stressing the natural lash. Handmade fans of 2-6 extension lashes are created then bonded to the natural lash. This creates a much fuller natural glamorous look and is what you typically see on celebrities and in magazines. Volume adds length, curl and volume.
Russian Volume Full Set $115, 3 week Fill $75




6D eyelash extensions create the fullest appearance  of them all with a thick uniform strip lash look. Premade fans of 6 extension lashes are bonded to the natural lash and create a very glamorous dramatic look. 6D adds length, curl and six times the volume!
6D Full Set $95, 2 week Fill $60



Colored lashes tend to look like regular lashes in dim light  but under bright light or outdoors in the sunlight the lashes glow with beautiful color. Colored Eyelash Extensions can be mixed in with any style as color accents along with black lashes. Purple and blue lashes are great to use instead of black lashes and can be combined with lighter colors like pink, green and teal to add definition create breathtaking lashes! I have photos in the photo gallery of examples.
* Full Set Color Russian Volume Lashes $115
* Mixed Full Set Flat Lashes or Classic with Russian Volume Color $105
* Mixed Full Set 6D with Russian Volume Color $115

* Add Russian Volume color lash accents to any fill for an additional $15.

Application time depends on how many natural lashes you have and their condition (nicely space, clumped, twisted). Typically on a person with an average set of 200 total uncomplicated lashes it takes 2 hours for a full set of Classic, Flat Lash & 6D and 3 hours for Russian Volume. Adding color lashes can add time as well.

Because you are naturally shedding eyelashes every day, typically a fill is needed for Classic & Flat Lashes at 2 weeks and 6D & Russian Volume at 2-3 weeks depending on the fullness you want to maintain. A fill is where you have at least 50% of the extensions remaining in usable condition and 40-50 extensions are added per eye to fill in along with the remaining extensions. Should you need more than 50% then a full set is required and the remaining few extensions will be removed before the new full set is applied. Please note your after care and biology dramatically impacts the longevity and condition of the the lashes!