Removing eyelash extensions will not harm your natural lashes if done properly by a certified eyelash extensions technician or if they fall off naturally. If you do not want to continue to wear the eyelash extensions you can wait until your eyelashes naturally cycle through their shedding and they fall off with your natural lashes or you can have a eyelash technician safely remove them.


As a public service I am now offering free removal of eyelash extensions with no purchase required. If you have eyelash extensions put on by me or any other lash technician that you no longer want on for whatever reason DO NOT rip, twist, or pull them off!! This will cause temporary and possibly permanent damage to your eyelash hairs and follicles.


Since I have started lashing in January 2016 I have encountering numerous ladies with lash trauma who were not properly educated by other lash technicians on the healthy way to care for and remove their eyelash extension. These reports are becoming more common as eyelash extensions are gaining in popularity. Because of this I am making my eyelash removal service available to anyone at no cost.  (Some salons charge over $100 for lash removal!)

I am concerned for the eye health and safety of the ladies who wear eyelash extensions as well as the negative impact the bad experiences have on the lash industry. I don't want cost to prohibit someone from having them professionally safely removed and instead resorting to pulling them off or soaking the lashes for hours in oil at home. Eyelash Extensions should not cause you pain or burn your eyes. If they do have them removed professionally immediately for the health and safety of your eyes!


I have a debonding solution especially formulated to quickly and safely dissolve the glue and not damage the natural lash. If you try to remove eyelash extensions using coconut oil, baby oil, or vaseline it may work eventually but it takes hours to be effective and is not guaranteed to work like eyelash debonder solution.


I educate all my lash clients on how to keep their eyes and lashes healthy as well as get the best longevity from their lash extensions at their first appointment and provide them a handout with the information to take home. This website also has this information available.

Please contact me to remove your lashes rather than ripping them out and possibly going lash bald!