Eyelash Extensions After Care


Cyanoacrylate is the active ingredient in ALL medical grade eyelash extensions glue used by professionals and during the first 24 hours after application clients must keep the lashes from getting wet and out of humidity over 75% or it causes the glue to flash cure and the bonding will be brittle causing poor retention. The glue will be dry to the touch when you leave but the glue does not dry, it cures which is a chemical process that goes from the outside in. If you allow the glue to properly cure then the bond is strong.

For the first 24 hours do not:

get the lashes wet, sauna, hot tub, steam, swim, sweat heavily, cry, use eye drops, etc.


Oil breaks down the glue used to bond the eyelash extension to the natural lash. DO NOT APPLY OIL BASED MAKEUP, MAKEUP REMOVER, OR FACE CREAMS TO EYELASH EXTENSIONS! This includes baby oil and coconut oil. The oil in these products will break down the glue and may cause:

*multiple eyelashes to bond together forming clumps

*extensions to droop

*reduce longevity substantially
Only use oil free makeup, cleansers, and creams on your face. If you wear mascara on the bottom lashes it must be oil free! If you have excessively oily skin it will reduce the longevity of your eyelash extensions.


To prevent bacteria buildup and to get the most longevity from eyelash extensions daily cleaning is required. Cleaning will remove the oil that builds up from the body and makeup and gets rid of bacteria that could cause an eye infection like conjunctivitis. The oil will break down the glue used to adhere the eyelash extensions if not removed daily.

You will need:

1 foamer bottle

baby shampoo

eyeshadow blender makeup brush

1 cup boiled water cooled or distilled water

To make the cleaner:

In a foamer bottle mix 1 part baby shampoo and 3 parts water and shake to mix. Put some foam in the cap and take a lint free cosmetic pad and place under 1 set of lashes. Use a soft makeup brush to apply the soap foam to the eyelashes. The oil, makeup, and eyelashes will collect on the cosmetic pad. Apply the distilled water using the brush to rinse. This process should take about 5 minutes and will help keep your lashes healthy and last longer!
Below is a video demonstrating how to clean using this method.


Use a clean mascara spoolie and brush the lashes several times a day to keep them looking orderly and beautiful.



Do not use eyelash curlers. Curlers are not recommended for eyelash extensions as they can damage the extensions. If you desire a curlier lash request curlier lashes at your next eyelash extensions appointment.

Do not perm your eyelashes.

Do not rub, pull, or rip out the eyelash extensions or it will damage the natural lashes.

Do not use oil based moisturizer, makeup or makeup remover on your eyes.

Do not run water directly onto the eyes.


Humans have an average of 100 eyelashes per eye of which they typically naturally shed 1-5 eyelashes each day. It takes an average human 2-3 months to complete their shed cycle. Twice a year humans undergo a seasonal shedding, in the fall/winter and the winter/spring, where lots of hairs, including lashes, fall out in a short period of time. This is just like how other animals (dogs, cats, horses, etc) shed their summer coats before the winter and shed their winter coats for the summer. When this happens eyelash extensions will not last as long as they normally do. Once the shedding happens the retention should go back to normal.


How you sleep can dramatically impact the longevity. Sleeping on the back is the ideal way for eyelash extensions. If you sleep on your side you will notice the lashes in the outer corner of that side will lose lashes faster.  If you grind your face in the pillow or rub your eyes in your sleep that can also remove eyelash extensions and damage natural lashes. A silk or satin pillow case can reduce the friction on the eyelashes while sleeping.


Several of my clients noticed their shed cycle changed when they became pregnant. The chemical change in their bodies due to the pregnancy sped up their lash growth and they required fills sooner than when before they became pregnant.


Removing eyelash extensions will not harm your natural lashes if done properly by a certified eyelash extensions technician or if they fall off naturally. If you do not want to continue to wear the eyelash extensions you can wait until your eyelashes naturally cycle through their shedding and they fall off with your natural lashes or you can have a eyelash technician safely remove them. Do not pull on, rip off, or rub the lashes to remove them or you may damage or remove your natural lash.